OUToMatic is a street-art festival.
A living festival from 20 of July to 21 of August in Leuven, Belgium.
Some walls visible from inside of the museum M ( and also some walls in town will be painted. Different sorts of interventions will happen throughout town.
This is what street-art is about. To intervene in the urban landscape.
Interventions that can add something but also erase something.
It’s about playing with what’s around, about looking differently at your surroundings.
About accepting an invitation.
National and international artists will show you how they interprete this invitation.

Street-art is also called post-graffiti.
For some, an obvious continuation of graffiti.
Graffiti: the underground. Street-art: the bridge to above-ground.
But always the street as the playground.
Next to the street-art-part there will be a prominent place for graffiti in this festival.
On the lower terrace of M, left from the entrance there will be a temporary painting wall that will be available on a daily basis to anyone interested in sharing something and this throughout the whole festival.
Toys or kings, all are welcome.
(*Bring your own paint and please mind the floor)

The festival will be constantly ‘under construction’. Like the city itself.
From beginning to end, things may appear but also quickly disappear.
There won’t be a single moment where everything will be visible at the same time.
Interventions may have a very short lifespan.
Therefor the festival is accompanied by this blog which will follow the festival on a daily basis. Pictures and all sorts of backgroundinfo will be provided.

If you happen to make an intervention yourself or be a witness to one and you have a photo of it and feel like sharing it, please send it to

Enjoy the trip!

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